Toxic Air 

Your smile was beautiful,

Shining so bright,

Your eyes were so full,

I thought I was your only light.

Your words held me strong,

Sometimes a little to much, 

You could never do wrong,

And I believed as such.

It got really hard to breathe,

Your grip never lettting go,

“He loves me”,

I never heard you not say so.

Beaten and broken, 

Inside I was away,

My heart you took as token,

I was hoping you’d always stay.

I was excepted to do it if I loved you,

And so I would,

Knowing you’d do it for me,

But only if you had time you could. 

“I don’t think I love you anymore.”

Leaving my soul stripped bare,

Just slamming shut your door,

But I still breathed in your toxic air.

~Olivia AnnaSue


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