I love you more than that…

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.”

“I love you more than that.”

   You were determined to prove to me that I was loveable, I was worth it and that you could make me happy. All the late nights, beautiful words and caring sound of your voice made me believe that you could. I remember telling you that I loved you most thinking that I would win the ‘who loves who more’ challenge but you hit me with what I wasn’t expecting, “I love you more than that.” And you did, you’d always win.

   It isn’t just a sentence, it was much more. Was. It meant I love you past the petty fights, the distance and the tough times. And I did, I still do and always will. I’ll love you through thick and thin because unlike you I cherish love. I cherished our love. Even though you were the one who first said it, in the end I was the only one who lived by it. Through this know, I love you more than that.

   I can feel in my heart, soul and bones it wasn’t suppose to end, but it has. I’m not angry with you, I don’t hate you and I wouldn’t wish you didn’t tell me. Sometimes souls are meant to be together but people aren’t, and that’s okay. Just know whatever you’re going through to feel the way you do just know, I love you more than that.

   It’ll take me awhile to be okay and even my new okay won’t be me. I can already feel my heart changing its beat, I’ll become a new me in my own time. Maybe I won’t love again, maybe I will but I know I won’t forget you. You’ve put me through hell but like I’ve said I love you more than that and I always will.

-I still love you my moon.

happy what should’ve been, February 4th 2016


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