I love you

Isn’t it crazy how every single inch of you was created for someone? How your voice was carefully vocalized to sooth that someone on their toughest night? How your everyday routine has somehow smoothed your hands to fit into theirs perfectly imperfect? How the parts of yourself you could never seem to love is exactly what they’ve been looking for? How every single step, breath or heart break was just one more closer to them?

When you find that someone you look into their eyes and you ask God, ” How am I so lucky? Why was this beautiful masterpiece given to me?” You don’t exactly know it but that’s what they ask when they look into yours as well. You both wonder how the other could ever think they weren’t good enough or never did well, something in the little mistakes is what makes you be deeper in love.

Losing them is something you’ve let cross your mind as you watch them sleep, even though it’s only a thought tears slowly make their way down your face. How could you be given your life to only lose them? Something inside you burns at these thoughts and that something is your soul. Losing this love could never be an option.

It’s so ununderstandable to everyone, even to yourself, your love for them. You love them with every par of yourself and somehow you grew more and love them with that too. Your heartbeats so steadily for them and their unconditional love. AS you look at them with every ounce of love you’ve ever felt, ever bit of fire in your heart and you just simply whisper three little words that are nothing even close to how you feel but you know they’ll do until the words for how you do are invented.

So until then, I love you.

-Olivia AnnaSue

Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/YouTube: @oliviaannasue


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