I want my wings

You never understood because you never really knew the girl she was before you, the two girls she is. Her love before was simply a lustful kiss and boys some how loved the idea of playing with a demon, they’d get shattered repeatedly but always come back for more. Her heart was frozen and her horns were sharp enough that any man trying to have more than a dark kiss would feel what it’s like to be in hell.

But you… you were the lucky one. You got the girl who changed, you got her first. So sweet and innocent, not in her body but in her soul and love. You were the lucky one that had the first glance of the angel’s eye, love, passion and soul.

You didn’t understand still don’t because you never knew what it was like to look in her light blue eyes and see them turn dark as you tried to warm her heart, you never knew what it was like to feel a heart so cold your body was frost bitten and you’ll never know how difficult it was to get a simple promise of tomorrow from her.

Now no one will know the sweet angel she’d become because you ripped off her wings and ran with them, she had no choice but to grow her horns again.

But when I look into her eyes or feel across her skin, I can see the lightness she so badly still wants to be and I can feel the fire your love has left in her body to burn.

-I just wanted to fly

Olivia AnnaSue 5/22/16


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