Who are you? I’m…

When someone starts a blog or almost any social media for that matter they try to show who they are in a form or another. With doing this somewhere along the line they will get hate in one form or many. So me starting this blog, no I don’t think I’ll be getting any hate soon and hopefully never. I should explain to you who I am in some way, I should tell you a little about my past, my present and what I hope for my future. Or I could tell you about how smart I am and the scholarship offers I’ve had or I could tell you about a whirl wind romance that isn’t mine but I could dream it was. I should tell you about me but honestly how do you know that’s me for sure? Just because it’s a should for me to tell you there is that chance that it could be a life that isn’t mine, a person who isn’t me. Besides that it may be a lie, what does it matter who I am? Do you need to know anything about me for me to be able to post my opinion or to blog about something in my life? In some sense you may need to know a few things and those things I’ll let you know. One thing is my set of mind. When asked who are you I wonder. I’m a young woman with an open mind, with a soul of an old wise tree and a heart of many feelings but a lot of love. I’m passionate about the things I love such as writing, elephants, my family, my close friends and my boyfriend of nine months. I’m heart-filled at times and soul empty at others. I’m a complicated person yet very simple. That is who I am right now, today but everyday you change. Also when I’m asked who are you I wonder in a negative way. Does the color of my skin change your opinion, does the God I may or may not believe in matter and does the person I love or the sex I identify myself as matter or change me as a person? For everyone who is dealing with any of these feeling I want to tell you that you were born for a reason and a purpose and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Who are you? I’m not the color of my skin, I’m not the sex of which is classified, I’m not the love I have for the person I share my life with, I’m not the crimes that were committed by people who are similar to me, and I’m not the God I choose to pray to. Who are you? I’m the blood in my veins, I’m the beat of my heart, I’m the loud in my voice and I’m the fight in my soul. I’m human, nothing more and nothing less. We are all human. So as human for me know that I’ll never judge you based on the color of your skin, based on our difference of beliefs, based on who you’re loving or based on what sex you classify yourself as. I’ll accept you whether or not you are doing what is said to be ‘right’ by my beliefs because God shown me to love everyone no matter what. So if you’re thinking in you’re head “who am I?”, please know that you’re at least three things. One you’re loved, even if it isn’t by the people around you, you’re always loved. Two you’re allowed to be different, even when other say different. Last but not least you’re human and so is everyone else. We all sin so you judging someone else based off their own different sin doesn’t make yours any less. I hope you enjoy my blog and I’ll try to write once a week.

-Olivia AnnaSue

Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @oliviaannasue



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